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About Earf Studios

Hi, I’m Ana González, co-founder of Earf Studios. I work with people and their brands to research their story and turn it into a compelling video, short film, or web platform.

If you’ve ever wanted to make people understand your business, band, or belief better, Earf can help you do that. My fellow co-founder, Jeff, and I work to listen to your story and represent it through video in its truest, most engaging form.

When you help people understand your work— whether you’re a huge corporation or an individual— they are more likely to support you.

But who are we to tell you how to represent yourself?

We are a small, Philadelphia-based media production company run by two Brown University grads with complex backgrounds in the arts and digital media [and a lot — sometimes too many — ideas]. I’ve worked for years as a bassist in jazz and hip hop groups and as an ethnomusicological researcher. Jeff played football and started a commercial video production company when he was 21. I worked as a pre-k teacher and music instructor. Jeff has designed websites and managed projects for public art companies, language learning programs, and local artists. Together, we’ve found that our strengths and pasts complement in each in ways unusual in the video and media production game: we take time to figure out who you are and what you want, and then we make a high quality, unique product for you.

So reach out to us. We want to hear your story. We want to see how your business works. We want to create something we can all be proud of.


The Dynamic Duo


Co-Founder of Earf Studios


Co-Founder of Earf Studios