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Our Video Production Services

Story Consultation & Pre Production

Story drives everything we do. It should also drive everything your business does. If you’re beginning to plan your project, develop your business, or start a new campaign, your first step should be to craft your story. Earf can help you with this process and then go the added step of making sure this story gets to the reight people. If you’d like to learn more, contact us or dowload our free Story Consult.

Film Scoring

If you invest in video production, you should also invest in custom scoring. Music moves the heart of your story and shapes every frame of your video. Earf is unique in that it offers high-caliber music composition to accompany every video we make. To hear what we’re talking about, see our past projects.


If your production team is in-house, but you’re looking for someone to help manage, guide, and provide a unique perspective for your team, Earf is here for you. We’ve worked with dozens teams and specialities to get to the heart of every story through our direction and interviewing tecniques. Get in touch to learn how we can help your project come to life.

Full Service Film Production and Post Production

Earf has all of the tools, equipment, and knowledge to create take your project from storyboard to completion in accordance with your budget and timeline.

Special capabilities in camera movement

Our collaboration with Robot Village gives you the opportunity to create some seriously high-level visuals.