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Does Video Really Help Tell My Story?


It also helps your business grow. Here’s how.

7 (really good) Reasons to Invest in Video

1. People buy the story you tell about your product.

As a business, it’s reasonable that your focus is on delivering your service or product. Your customers, however, are looking for more than a product. They are looking for something to connect to, for something that solves a problem, something that makes their life easier, different, fuller, cooler, more fun, more beautiful, etc. Nothing you can do will connect more with your audience than telling a great story about who you are and why your business or project or idea exists.

2. Build Trust

If people can see you, your team, and your product in action, they will automatically trust your business more. Give your business a face, a voice, and a human element. There is a cool thing called narrative transportation that happens after people hear a story. We can help you use this to your advantage.

3. SEO Loves Videos

A search engine’s job is to locate relevant and high quality content for you. Search engines, like Google, value your investment in video and are more likely to rank your site towards the top of its search listings. Good job to you for investing in video!

4. Lower the barrier to entry

Reading text involves a level of processing before the reader understands the words they are reading. You must first read the word, then comprehend the meaning, and then relate that meaning to the context of the situation. Even with the most skilled readers, there is still room for misinterpretation. Videos ease this disparity. Videos combine audio and visual elements to avoid that messy business of processing and convey your story directly to your customers.

5. Increase engagement with your campaigns

If you have a website, chances are that you want people to take a specific action while visiting – like giving you a call, signing up for your email list, or buying your products. Videos help you maximize a user’s engagement on your site – maximizing the opportunity of each visitor that you work so hard to bring to your site.

6. Provide more frames of reference

Depending on what you’re selling, it takes prospects five to twenty impressions, or frames of reference, to really get the message. Video can help to speed up that process or simply provide another valuable touch point for you and your customer’s journey.

7. Data, data, data

Welcome to the future. We can help you refine your message and story by measuring the engagement levels throught your brand’s videos. People stop watching after 15 seconds? Let’s craft a stronger hook. Lack of action afterwards? Probably because people aren’t finishing your video and seeing your call to action. Let’s develop stronger characters and refine your plot points. Earf geeks out over video engagement graphs.

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